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Falling into Autumn with Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Fall is the beginning of Yang becoming Yin. This is the season of dryness and moving inward. It is associated with the element of metal and corresponds with the lungs and large intestines. It's a time where it is extra important for us to take care of our lungs and keep them strong and healthy. Lungs are associated with grief and the large intestine is associated with "letting go." This can be a time of cleansing and letting go. During this season, if you feel like you're a little more emotional, this could be why.

Like with anything in life, we move in and out of seasons. In TCM, our external world reflects our internal world. There are ways you can support yourself during this season. This includes eating in a way that supports your lungs, immune system and proper elimination. 

A few things you can integrate into your diet to help this transition are:

  • Drinking warm tea throughout the day. This will help to keep the body warm. 
  • Eating warm, cooked vegetables that are in season (sweet potatoes, squash, beets, cauliflower, etc). 
  • Integrating pungent foods will help to boost immunity and disperse mucus (garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, etc).
  • Pears and apples can help to nourish the lungs and keep the yin balanced. 
  • Switch from raw veggies and salads, to warm soups and stews as it is easier to digest and will nourish the yin energy. 

As you can see, this season is all about balancing and nourishing the yin energy. 

It can be beneficial to takes some time daily to deep breathe for, at least, a few minutes. This helps to strengthen and nourish the lungs and support a healthy stress response. Slowing down, stretching the body, finding movements that feel good, yet nourishing. This is the time of year when it's important to slow down a little bit, which can be challenging after coming out of summer, but your body will thank you.

Things you can do to help support your body

  • Sit with your feelings and as yourself what it is you are ready to let go of.
  • Giving space for grief and release
  • Chinese herbal therapy can help support your lungs and intestines through the seasonal change

Another way to support your body through this season is with traditional Chinese herbs. These are the ones that I recommend:

Astragalus and eleuthero for immune support

All functional mushroom for immune support, but particularly cordyceps for lungs and tremella for dryness, which can often happen this time of year. A great recipe to make is baked pears with cordyceps, tremella and cinnamon.

With a new seasoning ushering in, make sure you're supporting your body and mind so that you can enjoy the season as your best self.