Discover the power of Chinese tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogenic powders. Our Practitioner curated line is made of natural and wild-grown supplements to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.

Founder, Alyssa Melody

An acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist Alyssa has studied and worked with herbs for 15 years, discovering first-hand the transformative effects of ancient adaptogens. Root + Bones was founded with the mission to connect our global community to the infinite and unparalleled healing power of these revered and research-backed botanicals. Our therapeutic-grade, nutrient-dense, and bioavailable products counteract the effects of the modern physical, emotional, and environmental stresses we all encounter daily. Alyssa is dedicated to uncovering the Root causes of disease and accelerating the paradigm shift towards holistic healthcare.

Why I Started Root + Bones?

Not all herbal supplements are created equal. Many companies hide behind flashy packaging and targeted marketing just use ground up raw herb or mycelium, rather than a potent, concentrated extract. Companies have figured out that they can save thousands on their margins this way, and still label the end product as an ‘herbal supplement’, or a ‘mushroom product’ because it technically is... Even though it isn’t bioavailable, and offers few results or benefits.

I wanted to source real, potent, quality extracts for myself.  That’s why I started Root&Bones, and it’s why my mushrooms are all wood grown and extracted (except for cordyceps which is a mycelium grown via liquid fermentation). My botanicals are all sourced from their proper growing region in China and are also extracts or made bioavailable by cracking the cell wall.

The majority of ‘mushroom products’ on the market these days are cheaply made indoor grown mushrooms which are grown on a grain or starch substrate. These products tend to use primordial (baby) fruiting bodies and do not use and extraction method, merely use the ground up mycelium + fruiting body + growing substrate.

Many companies who include mushrooms, adaptogens and tonic herbs in their formulations will use the most minimal dose, which has no therapeutic value. When you choose Root&Bones, you’re choosing herbs and mushrooms that I’ve personally curated, selected, and sourced after 15 years of experience in this industry.