Our Sourcing


    All of our herbs and powders undergo extensive third party testing to ensure their quality, viability, and that they are free of contaminants. Our sources have been vetted through years of production and our providers are both regionally appropriate (herbs come from their proper indigenous regions), and are tested for premium effectiveness. In the interest of transparency, we've made our lab results available below.


    Root + Bones was founded in Traditional Chinese Medicine, by a practicing herbalist & acupuncturist. We are proud to offer a premium product that actually works. We don't use filler powders or mass-production shortcuts like growing herbs indoors. Instead, we have worked diligently, listening to our customers through the years, shaping our offerings to best address the health concerns of a modern world.

Then & Now: From Alyssa

As an Herbalist and Acupuncturist, I often find myself both a student and teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is so much to understand, and as with all types of medicinal practices, it's the doing over long periods of time that is the best teacher.

In my practice, I searched for years to find potent quality extracts for myself and patients. What I found in the market, from both big brands and small, was disappointing, with most using filler powders or less than transparent sources.

In 2016, I found myself searching high and low, calling China, researching everything I could, looking for the purest quality herbs, ordering them across countries and bagging them in my house, for my clients.

I started Root + Bones with just 4 foundational skus, and today, we've grown to over 25 skus, with a TCM skincare line coming soon, and are in over 100 retailers nationwide.

We've changed so much over the years. Our team has grown; our look has changed, but one thing that remains constant is our dedication to the highest quality herbs, with the greatest potency.

Thank you to everyone both old and new.

-Alyssa Melody