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Renegade Beauty: Holistic Oral Health

You may have noticed that we’ve branched out and welcomed one of our favorite brands, Living Libations, to our constellation of offerings. This incredible line is the creation of Nadine Artemis, the queen of renegade beauty – a passionate researcher, alchemist, beauty philosopher, and plant devotee who has done so much to redefine popular conceptions of beauty and wellness. She has probably influenced your life through her awareness-raising efforts about everything from the benefits of oil cleansing to the true medicinal value of the sun. Through her three books and alchemical creations, Nadine has even revolutionized our understanding of oral care, and the importance of the oral microbiome to radiant health. 


The mouth is home to the second most diverse microbial community in the body, consisting of over 700 species of bacteria that settle onto the hard surfaces of teeth and into the soft tissues of the oral mucosa. The health and balance of the oral microbiome is intimately connected to immunity and to gut health, but greatly influences our general health due to the inherent interconnectedness of all bodily systems. Nadine has devoted much of her energy to the empowerment of our body’s natural rebalancing mechanisms, reflected in the Living Libations creations that honor the importance of the oral microbiome. Let’s explore the benefits of our favorite selections, and how their quality far exceeds most other options, even natural ones. 


Triple Mint Enamelizer Toothpaste: Formulated specifically with the intention of balancing the bacteria of the mouth and promoting the remineralization of teeth thanks to the addition of biocompatible nano-hydroxyapatite – the main mineral in enamel that also helps brighten and whiten. This toothpaste does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, common in conventional toothpastes, which contributes to receding gums and renders us more susceptible to cavities. Notably, it also does not contain glycerin, which has unfortunately become ubiquitous in natural toothpastes; it coats the teeth, preventing them from breathing, and impedes the flow of our dental lymph fluid which leads to bacterial infection. Glycerin in toothpaste is also considered to attract plaque and prevent the remineralization of the teeth.


Ozonated Happy Gum Gel: Another extremely upgraded natural toothpaste option, this gel is especially supportive for healthy gums as it delivers ozone that specifically protects teeth from bacteria that is associated with both gum disease and tooth decay. Made of three atoms of oxygen (O3), ozone can stimulate blood flow and increase oxygen supply to tissues, supporting their repair and the desensitization of nerve endings. This gel is ideal for use as a toothpaste, for gum massage, and even applied to floss to bring the potent botanical-biotics right into the gum line (Nadine recommends flossing without it first at least once, so that it can rest on cleaner surfaces and be better absorbed for maximum benefit). 


Oil Swishing Serums: Similar to our offerings, many of Nadine’s creations are rooted in ancient wisdom. Oil pulling has been part of oral care routines since the early days of Ayurvedic and Egyptian self-care practices and is very helpful for pulling toxins out of the mouth, restoring balance to the entire oral environment. Living Libations oral care products are purposefully comprised of botanicals that are now known to be quorum sensing inhibitors (QSI, a bacterial communication system that plays a very protective role in microbiome health), but which have a very long history of use for oral health. QSIs like clove and myrrh prevent pathogenic bacteria from gaining traction in their gene expression, break down biofilms, clean up pathogens, and work cooperatively with the beneficial bacteria that are present. We have two blends that are similar in action but have different flavor profiles: the Mint + Myrrh Swishing Serum or the Happy Gum Drops Swishing Serum (cinnamon and clove-predominant). Both contain CoQ10, which supports gum health through inflammation-taming properties, promotes wound healing, and can help reduce the frequency and severity of canker sores. 


For more information, you can check out Nadine’s books: Successful Self-Dentistry, Holistic Dental Care, and the most recent, Renegade Beauty.