Yin-Nourishing Tea to Prevent Burnout - Root + Bones

Yin-Nourishing Tea to Prevent Burnout


We have a very special recipe to share in our take on a classic tea that will help you feel supported, grounded, and replenished. Yin is depleted by overactivity and stress, which in turn affects its primary substances, like the blood and Jing, as well as its corresponding organs, including the heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Notably, these are primarily organs of elimination, and their sluggishness can cause us to feel quite stagnant on both the physical and energetic levels. This tea has ingredients that work on the meridians associated with our Yin to facilitate the flow of Qi, nourish these organs, and promote a sense of rejuvenation. 


Tremella, Red Dates, and Goji Berries constantly appear together in the form of soup, dessert, or this tea, which is served frequently as a safe but effective recovery tonic. It’s no coincidence that these ingredients are prized during the postpartum period, but anyone can benefit from this blend to help prevent burnout. Intentionally preparing our food and elixirs is a great act of love to ourselves (and others), but if we’re already feeling overwhelmed, simplicity can make all the difference between action and inaction. Our Tremella extract significantly minimizes the preparation time of this tea, such that enjoying a traditional and deeply supportive blend is as easy as whipping out your handheld frother. 



3-4 Red Dates

1 tbsp of Goji Berries

1 tsp Tremella extract

1/2 thumb of Ginger, grated

1 tangerine 

Splash of vanilla extract (1/8 tsp or less)


Preparation Method:

Steep the goji berries and red dates in 1 cup of boiled water. Once the tea base is cool, slice the tangerine into quarters and add to the tea along with the grated ginger, using a pestle or rolling pin to pound the mixture down. In a separate cup, add the Tremella and vanilla extracts to 1/3 cup of spring water and use a handheld frother to integrate well. Combine the two liquids into a cup of ice for a delightful iced tea, or you can use hot water for the Tremella mixture to enjoy a warm cup of this blend.