Black Sesame Latte to Nourish Yin - Root + Bones

Black Sesame Latte to Nourish Yin

The season of winter is the peak of the Yin energetic essence, which can be understood as restorative, slow, inward-moving, fertile, and feminine. Of course, Yin is conceived of in relation to Yang, and a foundational principle of health in TCM relies upon the balance (or rebalancing) of these two “opposing” but deeply interconnected energies. While our society is ever-focused on Yang—with governing energies that are outward-moving, fiery, and active—this obsession comes at the cost of Yin, which is depleted by overactivity and stress. Thankfully, Yin can be replenished, and wintertime is distinctly intended as a time to nourish Yin by slowing down, tending to the Kidneys, and refilling our cups. 


Your nervous system will love this decadent and nutrient-dense latte featuring the perfect balance of healthy fats, the centering energy of rose, a grounding root, and the restorative sweetness of honey. Rose, He Shou Wu and Black Sesame paste are all potent Yin tonics, supporting this energetic essence and some of its primary substances like the blood and Jing. Jing rules our sense of strength and vitality and all three of these powerhouse ingredients also nourish the Kidneys, which are the foundation for all Yin and Yang energies and effectively determine the health of our Jing. The combination of these ingredients also provides an abundance of trace minerals, making it truly replenishing and rebalancing on the deepest cellular level. 


The Recipe: 

1 tsp Black Sesame paste

½ tsp He Shou Wu

½ tsp Rose extract

½ tbsp honey

½ C hot water


Integrate all of these ingredients together with a milk frother or in a blender. Pour ¼ C warmed milk of choice into a mug, add a shot (or 2 of espresso – optional), and top it off with the black sesame mixture. Receive that restorative energy with every sip!