Hibiscus Rose Mocktail Recipe - Root + Bones

Hibiscus Rose Mocktail Recipe

If you’re anywhere on the sober curious spectrum, mocktail elixirs are a lovely way to get creative with herbal medicine. Oftentimes, people drink alcohol to unwind or be uplifted, and various herbs can be powerful allies to affect the spirit in these ways. This Yin-nourishing, skin supportive, and mood-boosting aromatic recipe is a delightfully refreshing alcohol alternative bridging function and flavor. 


Chinese tonic herbalism is all about integrating the plants into our day-to-day, and this mocktail is perfect for regular enjoyment in the late spring and summer months to help balance the energetics of Fire that are dominant during this time of year. Blood orange and hibiscus have energetically cooling properties, helping to clear heat and support hydration, offering a juicy, moistening effect on the body. This cooling nature isn’t overpowering, however, thanks to the balanced warming notes from ginger and rose. Hibiscus, rose, and blood orange are all considered Yin-nourishing, such that this recipe can help unwind and support calmness, while at the same time enhancing a sense of vitality and energy by flooding the body with nutrients. Rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C, and flavonoids, this blend is deeply nourishing and restorative, helps tame inflammation that can express in the skin, and even supports mood as chronic inflammation and oxidative stress have been linked to depression and anxiety. 



2 tbsp hibiscus flowers

Juice of 3-4 blood oranges

1 tsp Rose Extract Powder

Drizzle of honey

½ thumb grated ginger

Big swig of sparkling water

¼ cup ice


Preparation instructions for a single serving:

Add the hibiscus half a cup of boiled water and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Strain the tea into a glass and add freshly grated ginger, along with a drizzle of honey (about ½ – 1 tsp depending on your sweet tooth), and the rose extract powder. Use a handheld frother to integrate the mixture thoroughly (or throw it into a blender), then add the ice and blood orange juice. Top off with sparkling water and enjoy!


We hope this recipe inspires you to play with your herbs!