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The Beauty of TCM: Interviewing YINA

YINA, which means harmony and beauty, is an incredible brand rooted in the wisdom of TCM that empowers people to cultivate personal wellness rituals for overall well-being. Founded by two doctors of Chinese Medicine with a combined full spectrum of specialties, they are on a mission to share the healing power of self-connection, tools for a nourishing lifestyle, and ancient practices to radiate beauty from the inside out.


R+B: Hi Angela and Ervina! Thank you so much for making the time to share your insights with our community. We hold a shared faith in the healing power of the accumulated “little things” we do every day. Can you tell us a few of your favorite daily or almost daily practices?


YINA: We definitely believe in consistency - whether it’s gua sha ritual, meditation, movement, or something as simple as drinking a big glass of warm water in the morning.

Angela: Meditation, eating three meals on time, and sleeping 9 hours a day are my non-negotiables. These may seem simple, but they are impactful to my mental and physical well-being.

Ervina: Qigong every morning, daily tea rituals, and cleansing my face thoroughly (no matter how tired I am). Having these rituals anchors me and helps to reset my day.

R+B: I love framing these rituals as anchors. Both your teachings and products highlight the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection for preventive care. Reflecting upon your line of offerings, can you share about the combined influence of the plants with personal intention for affecting truly holistic health in this way?


YINA: For millennia we have turned to the wisdom of plants for healing, solace, and connection. We use whole plant extracts whenever possible in our formulations. For example, we use tremella extract instead of hyaluronic acid in our products because tremella provides more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits than hyaluronic acid. Studies also suggest tremella may stimulate collagen production, leading to firmer, plumper skin. 

Beyond skincare, tremella is associated with Yin energy, representing calmness, receptivity, and inner harmony. In east Asian culture, it’s used to cultivate these qualities and support spiritual healing. We believe there is a resonance between our biorhythms and the plant’s electromagnetic waves – which is why plant medicine can promote feelings of peace, focus, and physical well-being.

R+B: Yes! The multidimensional effects never cease to amaze me. I was so inspired to learn that a big part of the passion Ervina brings to YINA relates to her journey in surviving breast cancer. Can you tell us about your Décolletage Treatment Balm and the benefits of massaging this oft-neglected area of our bodies?

YINA: The Décolletage Treatment balm was created to remind women to be in touch with their neck, chest, and breast regions – areas that are easily bypassed when we do our skincare. These areas hold many important acupuncture points and also emotions (near the heart). Massaging regularly helps to move Qi, reduce stagnation, and improve circulation. It also familiarizes us with abnormalities in the breast tissues as preventive care.

R+B: Speaking of expanding our perspective of skincare, I can’t stop thinking about your Mugwort Bath Ritual… my body is really craving that kind of nourishment right now. As we move more deeply into Winter, what are your favorite self-care practices to make this season truly restorative?

YINA: Bath rituals are truly transformative, as we immerse the entire body in water, and the mugwort elevates it to another level. We like to put on a sheet mask while taking our baths. If you don’t have a bathtub, buy a tub to soak your feet. Footbaths are an easy alternative to full body baths and offer similar benefits to improve circulation, eliminate stress, and promote better sleep. Just make sure the water reaches the lower calves and to soak for at least 15-20 minutes.

R+B: What a wonderful and accessible tip! Tell me about your line of herbal facial serums crafted from renowned TCM herbs… Are these for different skin types, or are there seasonal considerations as well? Do you have any winter-specific recommendations for preventing dryness?

YINA: Layering your skincare is key to combatting dry skin. Start with clean skin, tone with our Essential Mist, apply a few drops of Nourish Botanical Serum, mist again (don’t skip this step), then apply Hydracloud Cream.

PRO TIP: Apply a small amount of Décolletage Treatment as the last layer before bed, and wake up to glowing, rosy skin!

R+B: I love that a couple of your serums also include one of my personal favorites, Schizandra, which is so protective to the Wei Qi – the conceptual “shield” guarding our bodies. Can you elaborate on the topical benefits of Schizandra?

YINA: Schizandra is a great antioxidant plant for the skin. The berries also possess anti-inflammatory compounds that can help soothe redness, irritation, and inflammation caused by conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea. It’s rich in vitamins C and E, and effectively helps skin retain moisture. In addition, it protects skin cells from DNA damage, fights fine wrinkles, and age-related pigmentation.

R+B: This reminds me of the ways internal remedies or food choices complement topical treatments for comprehensive healing. Do you have any TCM wisdom to share with us about the importance of tending to both the inner and outer levels?

Ervina: You can’t have one without the other. As a TCM dermatologist, we get the best results when patients take internal and topical herbs at the same time for eczema, psoriasis, and all sorts of skin issues. To cultivate and maintain beautiful skin, you really need to eat and sleep well, mitigate stress, and have a consistent skin care routine. We believe for optimal results, it has to be a holistic approach.

R+B: Agreed! I’m so honored that you also carry three Root + Bones products in your webshop: Pearl, Tremella, and Fifth Kingdom. Would you share why you chose these three to share with your community?

YINA: We curated these products for our customers who wanted to try TCM herbs as daily supplements to their rituals. R+B products are accessible and approachable to beginners and practitioners. Also, these three products are aligned with our beauty and wellness ethos.

R+B: Thank you so much! What excites you about the approaching horizon that is 2024? Do you have any plans or intentions for this new year?

YINA: We have a few exciting things lined up for 2024, focusing on fostering our community and offering more TCM products to support your skin and well-being. Join our emailing list and be the first to know of these upcoming offerings!