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The Most Decadent Postpartum Latte

Mamas, we see you out there. We know how much you give. Whether you’re newly postpartum, still feel like you’re recovering 1-2 years after childbirth, or are simply feeling depleted, this caffeine-free latte will help fill your cup back up. Featuring Yin Jing, Blood, and Qi tonics, our aptly named Nurture blend is the star of this cozy tonic latte to help replenish your deepest reserves. 



½ C hot water

2 tbsp Black Sesame powder

½ tsp Nurture 

½ tsp Ginger powder

1 tsp Maple syrup or sweetener of choice

Splash of Vanilla extract

¾ C steamed milk of choice


Preparation Method: 

  • Add the hot water, Black Sesame, Nurture, and Ginger powders to a large mug / glass measuring jug / blender. 
  • Pour in the vanilla extract and maple syrup, then blend using a handheld frother (or set the blender to a medium setting) for about 30 seconds, until all ingredients are well integrated. 
  • Add the steamed milk and enjoy!


This nourishing and well-rounded latte deeply supports women’s vitality and recovery in a number of important ways. Firstly, it is replenishing to Blood and Qi (life force energy), both of which can be injured during childbirth and menstruation… as well as through overexertion, chronic illness, and nutritional deficiency. Our Nurture blend contains Qi tonics, which enhance the abundant and unobstructed flow of vital energy in the body, integral to our felt sense of vitality. As the saying goes: where Qi flows, Blood follows. The Blood tonics herein promote the production of healthy blood, including through the proper utilization of nutrients. Blood is a primary carrier channel for distributing Qi, nutrients, hormones, and immune cells throughout the body. It is also intimately connected to Yin, which governs all vital substances and our most foundational energy reserves.


This connects to one of the lesser-known benefits of the Nurture blend and replenishment process: by tonifying Yin Jing, it helps restore vibrant health. Jing governs birth, development, and even the potential for longevity; it is the constitutional inheritance we receive from our parents and give to our children. Meanwhile, and more specifically, Yin Jing governs the substances, hormones, and fluids that determine reproductive function and fertility. The importance of this cannot be overstated as, in TCM, fertility is understood as a vital sign, indicating the body as a whole is functioning optimally enough to support the creation of new life. 


Although Black Sesame is an ingredient in Nurture, we love the extra potent dose of this nutrient dense food medicine, as well as the welcome warmth from ginger that helps us assimilate all of the nutrients in this latte. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “bounce back” that we invite you to experience!