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The Way of Tea: Welcoming Pu’er

The journey of Root + Bones began as a way to share Chinese herbology with people in an accessible way, and we are so honored to continue nourishing its evolution and expansion with even more of the integrated lifestyle support that’s at the heart of TCM. Incorporating these timeless rituals into our daily lives is not only empowering, but forms solid foundations for truly holistic health as we tend to the many layers of our being. The way of tea is certainly no exception. 


The simplicity of a nurturing and grounding cup of tea merges with a complexity of flavor and process. Pu’er is a very special tea revered for both its medicinal benefits and felt effect, and it’s been a labor of love to find a wonderful variety of Pu’er from the most pristine, traditionally cultivated sources. Considered nourishing to Yin but offering balanced energy enhancement, Pu’er tea has a long and intimate history of use within TCM for digestive support, the promotion of detoxification, and the nourishment of gut health. It is rich in antioxidants that support cellular health, polyphenols that have a cleansing effect on the blood, and diverse bacteria that bring balance to the gut microbiome. 


Recent studies have shown that Pu’er tea has incredibly extensive health benefits, rendering this another traditional ally that has arguably become even more valuable in the modern era. For example, one study showed that Pu’er tea restored circadian rhythm, which has become a very common issue with potentially far-reaching negative consequences, by regulating the metabolism of tryptophan. Another study revealed that regular, long-term consumption of Pu’er tea so greatly enhances the gut microbiome and supports the blood-brain barrier that it helps alleviate neuroinflammation and blue light-induced depressive behaviors. It has even been shown to mediate apoptosis in breast cancer cells, support an improved lipid profile and reduced body mass index, and protect the nervous system.  


The selections we have curated to share with you are all Shou (ripe) Pu’er, meaning they are fermented and aged, offering a rich and earthy flavor.  


Bing Dao (Iceland) Pu’er - 2012

Hailing from the renowned tea village of Bing Dao (translating to Ice Land), this rich aged Pu’er variety is grown in a very special microclimate at the midpoint of the Bangma Snow Mountain in the Yunnan province of southern China. The tea grown in Bing Dao is quite special, as this village is famous for its very old tea trees, abundant sunlight, dry air, and rather high altitude, which, paired with its long tradition of tea cultivation, contributes to the exceptional quality. This fermented Pu’er is classified as Shou (ripe), offering a bold, complex, and full-bodied flavor that’s mineralizing and earthy.

Available in individual servings (pearls) or a tea cake


Nannuo Mountain Pu’er - 2018

Grown in the famous Nannuo mountain of Menghai, this tea comes from some of the oldest Pu’er trees in the Yunnan province. These leaves are of an old growth tree forest that is highly cherished and well-tended by the families of these pristine mountain villages, according to ancient customs and traditions. Thriving in an elevation of over five thousand feet, such “high mountain tea” is a rarity and a specialty in the world of tea, especially from this particular area. The challenging growing conditions and resulting evolutionary resilience these trees have earned contribute to a highly nuanced flavor profile and a semi-wild character. This fermented Pu’er is classified as Shou (ripe), delivering a fragrant and smooth flavor with a sweet aftertaste.

Available as a tea cake. Check out our special tea needle here!


Chen Pi Pu’er 

This incredible tea comes from the famed Yunnan province, where it is aged with tangerine peels (Chen Pi), long considered a delicacy for its harmonious union of two highly revered plant allies. Yunnan is the pioneering home of aged tea, with techniques that have been evolving and preserved for at least hundreds of years. In both flavor and benefit, it is a perfect ally for the more Yin-dominant seasons of the year as well as those experiencing Yin excess, as it is warming and citrusy, harmonizing the Yin and Yang energies within our bodies. This fermented Pu’er is classified as Shou (ripe), delivering a rich, smooth, and earthy flavor profile with a bright and tangy aftertaste.

Available in a case of 20 small tea cakes


Yunnan Menghai Pu’er

The Menghai region is in southernmost Yunnan province and has a very rich tea growing and processing culture, where tea plants are believed to have originated. Both of these ripe (Shou) Pu’er teas were fermented with great care to preserve the character and maximize the benefits. Featuring a velvety smooth delivery and a woody, nutty flavor that makes these selections classic and grounding. 

The Menghai Tea Factory, also known as "Dayi Tea Factory" (大益茶厂), is one of the most prestigious and historically significant tea factories in Yunnan, China. It was established in 1940 during the height of the Chinese tea industry's development. It is the oldest tea factory in Yunnan and has played a pivotal role in shaping the Pu'er tea industry. Over the decades, it has built a rich legacy and reputation for producing high-quality Pu'er teas.

Available in a case of 20 small tea bricks from 2003 or a larger brick from 2008. 


Sticky Rice Mini Tuocha Pu’er 

Also hailing from the renowned Menghai region in southernmost Yunnan province, this tea is infused with the natural essence of sticky rice, offering a unique flavor with a hint of sweetness. The term "tuocha" in Chinese translates to "bird nest shape," describing the distinctive form of certain compressed tea cakes. These cakes, resembling a compact nest, are crafted in a rounded shape with a depression at the center. This unique structure is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a practical purpose, allowing for better aeration during the tea fermentation process. The tuocha's bird nest shape is symbolic of the artistry and craftsmanship involved in producing these Pu'er tea cakes, making them not only a sensory delight but also a visual representation of the tea-making tradition.

Available in a case of 20 small tuocha pearls


We hope you enjoy these beautiful teas as much as we do!