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He Shou Wu: WILDCRAFTED 16:1 4 oz

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This powerful yin, qi and blood/rejuvenation tonic is known for its anti-aging and fertility-enhancing properties. Both energizing and calming, blood purifying and building, hormone balancing and organ tonifying, He shou wu stimulates the body to produce longevity-promoting substances, including the most powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase.

He Shou Wu strengthens red blood cell membranes, increases circulation of red blood cells, and builds blood, which also helps restore hair color (hair and skin being a reflection of good health), tonifies and nourishes the blood and organs

Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed. *


30 year old male presenting with stage 2/3 of male pattern hair loss. Hair loss was first noticed 24 months prior. Patient took 1 serving of Root + Bones Collagen blend, as well as He Shou Wu, daily (no prescription or topical medications used). Results were observed and documented at 2, 4, and 6 weeks.*


Pin Yin: He Shou Wu
English: Processed Fleeceflower Root
Latin: Polygonum multiflori
Properties: sweet, warm
Channels: Bitter, sweet, astringent flavor. Slightly warming.
Key Characteristics: Nourishes the blood and yin, preserves the essence.
Indications: Liver and Kidney deficiency causing premature greying of hair, weak low back and knees, spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge or scanty menses, Liver Blood deficiency with dizziness or tinnitus

He Shou Wu has been shown to help maintain youthful levels of SOD (super oxide dismustaste) in laboratory animals even as they age. It is widely believed that the SOD generating capacity of He Shou Wu is one of the reasons it has been found to have anti–aging and longevity increasing activity.

**Adverse effects are rare with extracts of properly prepared He Shou Wu. Potential adverse effects of this herb are mainly digestive, resulting in loose stool in cases where the herb is not tolerated, and occasional light abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Raw, unprepared He Shou Wu is a laxative and should NOT be consumed as a tonic herb, i.e. on a long term basis. Some companies selling He Shou Wu products are unaware of this issue and sell unprepared He Shou Wu, resulting in adverse effects.

Raw, un–prepared He Shou Wu is used as a laxative in Chinese herbalism, and is NOT used in tonic herbalism. 


He Shou Wu for anemia

HeShouWu for a variety of health conditions: 

  • Please make sure lid is on securely

  • Store in cool, dry place

  • Do not use wet or moist spoon in powder

  • Once opened, use within 2-4 months