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Root + Bones

Chen Pi Pu’er

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20 pieces

This incredible tea comes from the famed Yunnan province, where it is aged with tangerine peels (Chen Pi), long considered a delicacy for its harmonious union of two highly revered plant allies. Yunnan is the pioneering home of aged tea, with techniques that have been evolving and preserved for at least hundreds of years. In both flavor and benefit, it is a perfect ally for the more Yin-dominant seasons of the year as well as those experiencing Yin excess, as it is warming and citrusy. This fermented Pu’er is classified as Shou (ripe), delivering a rich, smooth, and earthy flavor profile with a bright and tangy aftertaste.

This blend is considered nourishing to Yin but offers especially well-balanced energy enhancement thanks to the tangerine peel, which harmonizes Yin and Yang. Chen Pi offers digestive support, inflammation-taming properties, respiratory support, and helps dry excess phlegm. Pu’er tea has a long and intimate history of use within TCM for digestive support, the promotion of detoxification, and gut health. This fermented tea is rich in antioxidants that support cellular health, polyphenols that have a cleansing effect on the blood, and incredibly diverse bacteria that bring balance to the gut microbiome. 

You may notice a bit of white crystallization on the mandarin. This crystallized citrus oil, naturally occurring from the drying process, is nothing to be concerned about.

These pieces can be easily split by hand as they are slightly larger than the average serving, essentially providing two portions.


These pieces are a convenient way to enjoy an individual serving. Use 1 piece for approximately 8 oz of hot water (185- 195°F is ideal) and steep for 1-5 min. Can be steeped up to 5 times.

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Chen Pi Pu’er - Root + Bones
Chen Pi Pu’er - Root + Bones