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Reishi Spore Powder 2 oz

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Reishi Spore Powder Reishi spores are essentially the “seed” or “pollen” of reishi mushrooms. At the end of the reishi mushroom’s growing cycle, it releases millions of spores,which are tiny microscopic seeds. Reishi Spore Powder is produced by harvesting these spores, and cracking their cell wall for optimal bioavailability in the body. The Reishi Mushroom extract is made from the entire mushroom’s fruiting body, after the mushroom (which is grown organically on hardwood) has been allowed to go through its full lifecycle.

Due to the dynamic and modulating functions of polysaccharides and triterpenes, reishi supports immunity at the root with a systematic and proactive approach.

What is ‘Cracked Cell,’ and Why is it Important? Bioavailability is a word to remember when looking for supplements. Our bodies can only translate certain types of nutrients from organic substances due to indigestible “walls” or enzymes that naturally occur. Our reishi spores’ cell walls have been cracked at a 99% efficacy to unlock the key to all the beneficial medicinal constituents inside. The process used to do this is low-heat and non-damaging to fully optimize and protect the natural compounds. Without performing this key process, reishi spores would pass through our system un-absorbed.

Cracked Cell Reishi Spore Powder Benefits:

More ganoderic acids and oils
Rich in micronutrient compounds and fibers
Supports the immune system
Aids sleep
Reduces stress
Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial effects
Improves blood pressure, circulation
As the “seed” of reishi, can act as both a Jing/Shen tonic

It’s important to realize that both Reishi and Reishi Spore Powder are high quality products derived from the same amazing plant. Thus, while it’s helpful to understand the key differences, deciding which product to take isn’t necessarily an either/or question. The products are not mutually exclusive and can be used together to realize the full spectrum of benefits reishi can offer. In summary, both products are good and only stand to benefit your overall health.

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