Beauty Blend Matcha - Root + Bones

Beauty Blend Matcha

Matcha: Beauty Edition

As a collective, we are once again remembering that beauty is generated from within… that it’s in many ways a reflection of our internal harmony. While topical products can certainly support qualities that we associate with beauty, like the stimulation of hair growth or glowing skin, Chinese Medicine teaches that outer radiance depends upon the balancing and nourishing of the Three Treasures (Jing or essence, Qi or life force, and Shen or spirit). This incredibly nutritive and delicious morning ritual is a perfect way to transition from enjoying your beauty sleep to nourishing your beauty.

First, the recipe:

2 tsp Ceremonial Matcha
1 tsp Beauty Blend
½ cup warmed milk of choice
½ cup hot water
Micro splash of vanilla extract
Honey to taste (1-2 tsp)

Directions: Add water plus all ingredients (except milk) and froth! Add the warmed milk and enjoy.

Now, the receipts:

Matcha is rich in antioxidants, helping to tame inflammation that can manifest as irritated skin and a whole host of symptoms that affect our appearance. Further, the neutralizing of free radicals by these antioxidants, including potent levels of EGCG in matcha, also means reduced damage to cellular beauty; such damage can appear as premature aging, dark spots, and reduced elasticity. Finally, circulation is a pillar in Traditional Chinese Medicine understandings of enhancing beauty. The methylxanthines in matcha are known to stimulate micro-circulation in the skin, with benefits for complexion and general radiance.

Our new Beauty Blend exponentially magnifies the power of matcha with herbs revered as beauty tonics for thousands of years, precisely for their ability to nourish Circulation, our Essence, and the Blood. This blend is abundant in a truly rich variety of antioxidants from every single ingredient: Goji Berries, Pearl, He Shou Wu (which also activates the body’s levels of superoxide dismutase, a beloved ally for vitality and anti-aging), Schizandra, and Tremella (rich in antioxidant activity via polysaccharides, the superstars for skin hydration and renewal). It’s also brimming with minerals in support of skin health and overall longevity, helps boost collagen and further supports beauty by having a purifying action on the liver.

“Beauty should be edible, or not at all.” – Salvador Dali