Energizing Immune Tonic - Root + Bones

Energizing Immune Tonic

Energizing Immune Tonic

Want to start your day feeling invincible? It really couldn’t be easier. With a ton of recipes gracing our Instagram feed, now feels like the perfect time to do a deeper dive into the reasoning behind the ingredients in this tonic and how they synergize to support you in feeling (more) invincible.

RHODIOLA: An incredibly versatile, true adaptogen, Rhodiola Crenulata not only supports the nervous system and helps lower cortisol (potentially mitigating the cortisol-elevating action of the coffee), but also helps enhance both physical endurance and cognitive function! Traditionally used to treat stress, anxiety and depression, it’s a trusty and uplifting ally if you’re feeling blue, exhausted, or both.

PINE POLLEN: A longevity tonic rich in all of the essential amino acids, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins (A! B! D! and E!), Pine Pollen is a serious nutritional powerhouse. It supports increased energy precisely because of how deeply nurturing and replenishing it is, aiding in recovery from burnout stemming from stress, feelings of over-exhaustion, and symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalance. It also has immunosupportive properties and tonifies Jing (essence, 精) – the original life force and root of our vitality.

EULETHERO: Boost immunity! Increase endurance! Reduce fatigue! Notice the theme here? Another true and wildcrafted adaptogen that helps cultivate resilience within, Eulethero has been traditionally recommended for those who are weak, recovering from illness, experiencing a lack of energy or stamina, or suffering from insomnia. True mind-body-spirit, right here: it supports a healthy mind, helps tame inflammation, and is calming to the spirit.

1 shot of espresso
½ tsp Rhodiola
½ tsp Pine Pollen
½ tsp Eulethero
1 tsp honey

Use a milk frother or blender to integrate all ingredients, and then add a generous splash of milk (or if you’re like me, half a cup!) Enjoy every sip, knowing the benefits will percolate into your day and beyond.