Libido-Boosting Tonic for a Steamy Summer - Root + Bones

Libido-Boosting Tonic for a Steamy Summer

The Yang energy that rises in summer is intimately connected to healthy libido, which is indicative of overall wellness and vitality in TCM. Whether you need some support in stoking that fire or simply want to embody the bright, expansive, and action-oriented energies of summertime, this indulgent elixir will hit the spot. Rich with Yang tonic herbs and featuring some of the very best sexual tonics, this balanced blend also nourishes the heart center, promotes the free flow of Qi, and tonifies our primal energy or essence (Jing) – all of which come together to make this a divinely aphrodisiac recipe. 





Preparation Instructions for 1 Serving:

  • Pour the boiled water into a measuring jug (like Pyrex), mug, or blender 
  • Add all of the powders and honey
  • Use a handheld milk frother to integrate all ingredients / use the blender. 
  • Pour into a fancy glass and add the milk
  • You can also make this a frosted tonic by following all of the same steps but adding ice right before the milk. 
  • Double the recipe for two servings!


Deer Antler Velvet is one of the most prized tonics of TCM and has a well-established place amongst the very best sexual tonics. This classic Eastern aphrodisiac is a Yang tonic that’s very special for its capacity to nourish all of the Three Treasures. In tonifying Jing, Deer Antler Velvet nourishes the Kidneys, which are the foundation of sexual and reproductive health. In tonifying Qi, with a special affinity for the Blood, it supports circulation and the unobstructed flow of vital energy – both of which are essential to sexual health. As a Shen tonic, this herb supports a greater capacity for intimacy.


Cordyceps is an incredibly invigorating Yang tonic that nourishes both Yin Jing and Yang Jing, making this a unique and well-balanced ally in support of harmony in the Kidneys. As such, it both replenishes and improves performance, which is why it’s commonly indicated for those experiencing sexual malaise. Cordyceps is also tonifying to Qi, assisting our bodies in maximizing energy production as well as promoting its unobstructed flow. It’s particularly known for being endurance-promoting, muscle-building, and heart-strengthening.


Pine Pollen is a nutritional and medicinal powerhouse with a long history of use as a fertility aid and sexual tonic. Warming and energizing, Pine Pollen is a Yang herb that likewise tonifies Jing, enhancing optimal Kidney function. It also contains androgens – reproductive and growth hormones that support fertility, libido, mood, and energy. As a broken cell-wall supplement, our Pine Pollen is considered a nutrient-dense and bioavailable food providing a rich variety of minerals, including Zinc and Selenium, two of the most important nutrients for healthy libido. 


Cacao can be considered supportive of Shen since it has a long tradition of nourishing the emotional heart. While not a TCM herb, it can also be thought of as Yin-nourishing since it’s moistening and cooling, making it a balancing addition to this recipe, though it is also stimulating and therefore contains some Yang energy.


Cinnamon is a Yang tonic that’s warming and circulation-promoting, enhancing the free flow of Qi. When combined with Yin and Yang Jing tonics like Cordyceps and Deer Antler Velvet, it’s known to stimulate fiery, sexual energy. 


Cheers to healthy libido and a steamy summer, whatever that looks like for you!