Peach + Rose Pu’er Iced Tea - Root + Bones

Peach + Rose Pu’er Iced Tea

This refreshing, Yin-nourishing, and seasonally inspired recipe is the most delightful summer tonic. The rich, earthy flavor notes of the delicious and distinct Pu’er tea are perfectly complemented by the sweet, slightly tart, and floral tastes of peach and rose. Peach iced tea is a classic flavor combination known and loved by many, but did you know that peach trees are native to northwest China? In China, this juicy stone fruit symbolizes longevity and vitality, and the medicinal benefits of the other ingredients are as synergistic as its flavor profile!


Pu’er tea has a long and intimate history of use within Traditional Chinese Medicine for digestive support, the promotion of detoxification, and the nourishment of gut health. Aged or fermented Pu’er is especially rich in antioxidants that support cellular health, polyphenols that have a cleansing effect on the blood, and diverse bacteria that bring balance to the gut microbiome – which is precisely why this is the variety we will soon be welcoming into our constellation of offerings! As this special tea ages, it also exhibits higher levels of Lovastatin, a compound that promotes balanced cholesterol levels. With a cooling and Yin-nourishing energy, Pu’er is a wonderful ally for helping to maintain inner harmony as external temperatures rise.


Seasonal eating is a fundamental concept in TCM as it helps promote coherence between our bodies and our environment on the most intimate level. Stone fruit season is here and beyond the decadent flavors and textures this brings into our lives, there’s timely medicine in these juicy fruits. Peaches are Yin-nourishing, lubricating and hydrating, and also aid digestion. Studies on peaches for their support of the Heart and metabolism show great promise; the combination of bioactive compounds found in peaches are considered especially supportive for those at risk for heart disease, weight gain, and diabetes.


Rose brings a lot to the table in terms of both flavor and function, as well! Helping to restore balance between Yin and Yang, supporting the clearance of excess heat, promoting gentle detoxification, and tonifying the Qi in our bodies, this beauty-promoting and Liver harmonizing ally is a welcome and seasonally appropriate addition. By facilitating a calming and soothing effect on the Liver, which is associated with emotions like anger and irritability that can erupt more easily during the fiery season of summer, Rose supports emotional regulation, uplifts the Spirit (Shen), and opens the Heart.  



  • 1-2 tsp / 2 nuggets aged Pu’er tea 
  • 1 ripe peach 
  • 1 tbsp sugar 
  • 1 tsp Rose extract powder



Preparation Instructions

  • Add Pu’er to a teapot and pour over 2.5 cups of almost boiled water
  • In a pot on the stove, add chopped peach (remove pit but leave the peel intact), sugar and 1 cup of water and let simmer for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally
  • Allow it to cool for 20 minutes, then strain through a fine mesh strainer, pressing down to extract as much of the liquid as possible
  • Add the Rose powder to the syrup and use a handheld frother to integrate
  • Fill 2 large glasses ¾ of the way with ice and pour half of the peach syrup into each glass
  • Strain the Pu’er and pour into each glass until full 
  • Top with crushed rose petals (optional). Enjoy!