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Your Questions About Our New Blends – Answered!

Our two new formulas will be arriving any day now, and we couldn’t be more excited to share these carefully crafted creations with you all. Nurture is especially beneficial during the postpartum period, though this Blood-building and Qi-replenishing blend offers abundant support beyond just this sacred time for mothers. Warrior was formulated to be a super comprehensive ally for men, supporting overall health, endurance, resilience, structural support, and reproductive health. We’ve compiled the answers to all of your burning questions about these upcoming releases, for those who missed our Instagram Q&A session.



Q: Will Nurture help with Yin deficiency?

A: It definitely can; Yin and Blood (the tending of which is a focus of this blend) are very interconnected. You could take Nurture and Tremella to focus more on Yin.


Q: Is Nurture only for postpartum women? And is Warrior appropriate for a woman under a lot of stress?

A: Nurture is mainly for postpartum but can also be useful for anyone who is Blood deficient, so this may be someone who has heavy periods, is chronically anemic, or isn’t eating enough Blood-nourishing foods.


Warrior is quite the Yang tonic, and while it might help give you more energy and drive under stress, I think focusing on the adrenals would be more important with support from herbs like Eleuthero, Reishi, and/or Schizandra.


Q: How long do you recommend taking Nurture? I’m 3 months postpartum… too late?

A: Not at all! I would recommend taking it for a minimum of 3-5 months, but for some the Blood tonifying aspect postpartum could be extremely beneficial for 6-9 months.


Q: Would Nurture paired with Marine Collagen help with constipation?

A: Yes! In TCM, constipation can be a symptom of Qi and Blood deficiency or stagnation, and Nurture offers support on these fronts. Constipation can also manifest as a result of dryness and heat, which is where all of the Yin-nourishing and lubricating actions of Marine Collagen paired with Nurture can bring great relief. Nurture also stimulates spleen Qi and Marine Collagen delivers comprehensive digestive support, which together helps mitigate the root causes of disharmony that can cause constipation. 


Q: Is Warrior still useful for men even if their libido is already fire?

A: Yes! Warrior has lots of other great benefits, like deeply nourishing the Jing that governs longevity and physical vitality, supporting the capacity for athletic vigor, enhanced cognitive function, structural support, and the promotion resilience.


Q: Can Nurture be helpful if taken during the follicular phase after the period?

A: Great question! Yes! As an excellent Blood tonic formula, Nurture can also be used after periods to support restoration. If you tend to feel depleted, tired, or lackluster after your period, you can greatly benefit from this blend. 


Q: Can women take Warrior?

A: Yes! While it is geared toward men, the main benefits of supporting Yang energy, stamina, libido, etc. are all things with which women can need support, too. As long as you aren’t Yin deficient or have excess Yang, you can take it. You can read more about the bodily constitutions  of TCM, including signs of Yin deficiency, here. 


Q: Would Nurture help with postpartum hair regrowth?

A: Yes! Especially paired with our Marine Collagen. Yin tonics are an important source of support for Kidney Jing – which governs the hair that grows on the scalp – and both of these blends offer robust support in this way. Nurture contains both He Shou Wu and Angelica, two of the foremost Blood-nourishing herbs that specifically promote healthy hair growth, while the proteins, amino acids, and minerals of our Marine Collagen blend provide the nutrient density that is foundational to hair health. 


Q: Can I take Warrior pre-workout?

A: Absolutely! It is very supportive both pre- and post-workout. Abundant in Yang tonic herbs, this formula deeply supports one’s capacity for balance, resilience, physical endurance, and robust energy – all of which help the body prepare for physical activity. This blend also features many herbs that offer structural support to promote flexible strength. One of the ingredients, Polyrachis Ant, further enhances the body’s natural defenses and Wei Qi, or our protective “shield.” 


Eucommia and Deer Antler Velvet, both included in Warrior, are two of the best recovery tonic herbs with their regenerative actions and ability to promote healing in tissues and wounds, while mitigating issues in the joints, swelling, and pain. 


Q: Will Nurture help during pregnancy?

A: It can! Especially if one is on the anemic side, or isn’t eating enough high-quality meat. 


Q: Are all the herbs in both products extracts?

A: Yes, every single one! We are committed to sharing exclusively potent and effective herbs. 


Q: How long is someone considered postpartum?

A: It can depend on a few factors: your physical and mental healing after giving birth, how traumatic the birth was, how much Blood was lost, your diet and lifestyle. The most important period will be for 3-5 months, but for some this kind of concerted care can be necessary for 6-9 months. 


Q: Would Warrior help my husband with erectile function?

A: YES! The Deer Antler Velvet, Polyrachis Ant, Epimedium, and Maca of this formula are all supportive of erectile function. As a whole, this formula supports hormonal balance, libido, Liver Qi health, and Yang Jing, all of which promote erectile health on the root cause level. 


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