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Taoist Bedroom Secrets

Taoism is an ancient spiritual and philosophical tradition of Chinese medicine that prioritizes harmonious living with the Tao, or the ways of the universe, and the sexual techniques contained within are premised upon the cultivation of healing. Viewed as the exchange and union of Yin and Yang essences, classical Taoist sexuality is all about enhancing and conserving this sacred sexual energy – considered fundamentally life-enhancing. As an alchemical process of transcendence, the energetic exchange of Yin and Yang between sexual partners transforms into Jing (essence/sexual energy) and Qi (vital energy), so that Shen (spirit) can ascend. Thus, all Three Treasures – the building blocks of life – are engaged and nourished through Taoist sexuality. This extremely potent expression of Heaven (Shen) and Earth (Jing and Qi) mindfully merging is believed to do wonders for the cultivation of vibrant health. 


Of course, entire books can be written on this philosophy and its practical applications (and they have been written), but let’s dip our toes into some of the principles, shall we?


Sexual Activity is Essential

Because of its life-enhancing potential, sexual activity is considered essential to the health of both men and women. Sexual desire or libido is seen as a sign of good health and its cultivation can be supported by incorporating tonic herbs (like Cordyceps, Pine Pollen, Deer Antler Velvet, Schizandra, and our Beauty formula), or by engaging in other inner alchemy practices, such as Qi Gong. It is considered important to cultivate one’s own energy and to learn how to circulate it internally, in order to exchange energy skillfully and intentionally with another. 


Use Your Breath

Sexual energy is meant to be harnessed and directed to the nourishment of the whole body, rather than remain concentrated in the lower Dantian, which can be understood as a combination of the root and sacral chakras. When climax is approaching, we can use our breath to direct the energy upward through the body and to the head; visualization can help. Focusing on the breath also promotes relaxation, said to allow for sexual energy to naturally be attracted to the body’s upper energy centers, after which it is to descend in a loop so that the entirety of one’s mind-body-spirit is nourished. 


Delay or Limit Ejaculation

The life-giving potential of sexual energy is at the essence of our beings, which is why it is considered Jing. Sperm is a direct physical manifestation of Jing and ejaculating too frequently depletes it; this is not true of female ejaculation, which in contrast does not come from the sex organs. One famous Taoist practice for beginning to cultivate the capacity to prevent ejaculation entails pulling out and immediately using the “three fingers method,” whereby the three middle fingers of the hand are applied to the man’s perineum. Sex without male ejaculation actually replenishes Jing and sustains Yang for the man, while sexual activity in general nourishes Yang for the woman (as does absorbing the man’s ejaculation). 


Prolong Foreplay

Taoist sexual teachings place great importance on female pleasure, for several reasons. Firstly, women are more like Water (slow to boil and slow to extinguish), whereas men are more like Fire (quick to arouse and quick to extinguish). Ancient sexual manuals emphasized that women prefer “slowness” and “duration,” while being deterred by “haste” and “violence.” Thus, Taoism stresses that expert foreplay is crucial for female sexual arousal and for the nourishment of her Yin. Secondly, the man absorbs Yin energy through female orgasm, which nourishes both partners’ vitality. The woman is encouraged to have as many orgasms as possible, as her Jing is not depleted by ejaculation (it is stored in her menstrual blood and ova). Finally, cultivating this kind of sexual expertise helps at least delay male ejaculation, and trains the man to focus on his partner’s pleasure. 


If you’re looking for a delicious libido-boosting tonic to share with your partner, check out this recipe to both help set the mood and create a ritual around sexual practice. Cheers to vibrant health!