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TCM Herbal Allies for the Holiday Season

TCM Herbal Allies for the Holiday Season 


Holiday Season is upon us and can be an especially intense time of year for many. Are you preparing for a period of potentially increased stress, family gatherings, lots of feasting, over-stimulation or travel (and perhaps travel delays)? Thankfully, support is available to help us feel more vibrant, resilient and graceful!


The raison d’etre for Root + Bones has always been to make potent herbal preparations both accessible and easy for anyone to integrate into their lives… even when our normal daily rituals may be temporarily thrown to the wind. We’ve compiled a guide featuring some of our essential allies for this season, covering immunity, digestion, stress relief, detoxification and emotional support.


ASTRAGALUS: This sweet, gently warming root extract is a highly revered Chinese qi tonic herb that has been traditionally used to enhance energy and support the immune system. In nurturing Wei Qi, or the conceptual “shield” guarding the body, it may help in boosting immunity to prevent and mitigate bacterial and viral infections; it’s a friend you want in your toolkit when traveling or gathering in large crowds.  


How to use: Stir half a teaspoon into your coffee or broth, add to stew, or sprinkle some onto oatmeal or nut butter. Its mild and lightly sweet flavor also works famously in baked goods!


MARINE COLLAGEN with Pearl, Tremella and Bamboo Silica: Abundant in over 30 trace minerals, this special blend is deeply nourishing and replenishing on a cellular level to support optimal whole-body functioning. It’s also a true friend of the digestive system thanks to the antioxidant glutathione. Highlighting the benefits of tending to our bodies holistically, it is estimated that around 70% of our immunity stems from the gut! The multi-directional beautifying qualities in this jar may put a little pep in your step, a welcome result of its internal actions to keep us feeling moisturized and supple –especially key if you’re in frigid, dry weather. 


How to use: Since this blend is free of fillers and not subjected to agglomeration, it is recommend to use a portable milk frother or blender to enjoy in beverages, or whisk it into some yogurt and top with fruit.  


FIFTH KINGDOM: Loaded with medicinal mushrooms, just half a teaspoon serves a therapeutic dose of Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Agaricus and Turkey Tail fruiting body extracts for seriously well-rounded support. Each mushroom brings its own unique and multitudinous benefits to the blend, and all together unite to help balance our body’s stress response, calm the mind, enhance physical resilience, nourish the gut microbiome, tame inflammation and support robust immunity, especially when taken consistently and over time. 


How to use: Blend into hot chocolate or coffee, bake into cookies, or liquify into a shot of hot water with honey for a quick boost. 


SCHIZANDRA:  One of our newest offerings, we are thrilled to share a supreme tonic herb of TCM with you all! An incredible adaptogen holding all five of the classical tastes, this berry has a true harmonizing quality thanks to its bidirectional balancing actions. Capable of quieting the spirit, calming the heart, supporting deep sleep, and tending to nervous system regulation, it also supports a sense of vitality and radiance, enhances concentration, and promotes detoxification. 


How to use: Boasting a tart flavor, it balances well with sweets to achieve a sweet/sour profile. Use a frother to blend it into orange juice for an upgraded treat. 


ROSE EXTRACT:  A little goes a long way with this potent 10:1 extract of one of the world’s most beloved herbal allies. In TCM, rose is called upon to gently regulate the qi and blood, harmonize the liver (helpful when indulging in alcohol), spleen and stomach, support menstrual regulation, and promote the movement of qi for tension relief. It is also widely turned to as heart medicine for emotional support and, with its cooling properties, can help bring the heat down in conflict situations. 


How to use: Soothing, delicious, and versatile! Sprinkle a dusting onto your latte, into porridge, or whip it into frosting! The possibilities are endless. 


Wishing you all a peaceful, easeful, and blessed holiday season!